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AI Business Consulting
Business intelligence
Customer relationship Management & Customer Experience
Digital marketing

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LinkedIn Lead Generation
Elevate your LinkedIn impact with our advanced AI tool: Effortlessly optimize your profile, identify and nurture high-quality leads, and create compelling content using the unique E3C methodology. Designed for maximum engagement and conversion, this tool transforms your LinkedIn presence into a powerful platform for substantial business growth.
LinkedIn Profile Optimizer
Transform your LinkedIn profile with expert guidance: Craft an engaging headline, impactful summary, and detailed experience section. Enhance skills, education, and accomplishments display. Boost visibility with SEO tips, multimedia content, and strategic networking. Regular updates for a dynamic profile.
Lead Researcher – PRO
Boost your lead generation with our specialized GPT tool, expert in LinkedIn research and digital marketing. Harness SEO, Google Analytics, and social media strategies for targeted leads. Get detailed lead lists, personalized strategies, and insights on channel optimization. Elevate conversion rates with A/B testing and data-driven tactics.
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Education and Skills

2006 - 2011
Technical University Madrid

Blending technical expertise in computer science engineering with strategic business acumen, ready to drive innovation and efficiency in tech-driven environments.

2017 - 2019
Barcelona School of Economics

Equipped with advanced data science skills, ready to unlock insights, drive innovation, and create data-driven solutions in dynamic environments.


AI Business Program for leader.

Developed expertise in integrating AI into business strategies with a strong emphasis on ethical practices, machine learning proficiency, comprehensive dataset management, and efficient system architecture, ensuring innovative and responsible AI applications.


Implementation, integration, and strategy design of the CRM platform par excellence. Certified in both Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud.


Creation of relational databases and data modeling, with the most advanced SAP data warehouse

Facebook Ads

Strategy, planning and execution of high conversion ad campaigns with innovative growth hacking techniques, optimizing return on investment and company growth.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Design and development of dashboards and reports with the latest SAP business intelligence and planning platform.

Power BI

Development of data models, reports, and dashboards with one of Microsoft's business intelligence platforms, with the highest growth in recent years.


Design and development of reports and dashboards with the most powerful business intelligence platform.

Data Studio

Design and development of reports and dashboards with the dynamic and economic Google business intelligence platform.

Google Analytics

The analytical tool par excellence to analyze your website.

Google Ads

Without more the Google ad platform, advertise your website one of the most powerful tools.


The preferred language for data science, which allows us to create the most advanced statistical and predictive models for your business.


Juan played a pivotal role in catapulting our project to resounding success, fueling unprecedented growth within our company.

Juan is a resolute and responsible individual, making him not only a fantastic colleague but also an exceptional data analyst. During our time working together on the CRM project at Via Outlets Spain, his crucial contributions and smooth collaboration played a significant role in the project's success and, by extension, the company's success. It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with him.

Miriam Moreno
Retail Director Spain

"Juan played an instrumental role in propelling our project to remarkable success, catalyzing phenomenal growth within our company. His contributions were invaluable and made a significant impact that still resonates today." colleagues and customers."

Thomas Sailes
Vice-president Marketing - Adidas Japan

"Juan is synonymous with passion, commitment, and efficiency—these are the first words that spring to my mind when reflecting upon our time working together. I had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with him for over a year—an experience I only wish could have lasted even longer. Throughout this period, Juan consistently delivered an exceptional standard of work across every project he managed.

His unwavering readiness to lend a helping hand, coupled with his openness to listening and considering innovative approaches to tasks, is genuinely remarkable. Juan exudes a type of energy that instantly reassures you; you're exactly where you need to be, fostering a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie within the team.

Andres Scarioni
Retail Manager

Juan's unwavering dedication throughout our collaboration was truly commendable. He possesses a unique flair for tackling challenges creatively, providing our business with an unparalleled edge. Without a doubt, his contributions were invaluable.

Dirk Hoelscher
Sales Director - Lloyd Shoes Spain


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